Command Performance

This is a series of articles we wrote for a church newsletter. The commandments were listed from last to first because the first commandment is the one we violate the most. It is our hope that by looking at them anew you will be inspired to rethink your priorities, and the principles you use to guide your life.

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Bear in mind, this is a work in progress, and articles will be posted as soon as they are written.

All articles copyright 2002 by Lisa Rumohr and Susan McDonald


Commandment #10, Coveting

Commandment # 9, The Big Lie

Commandment # 8, Take One

Commandment # 7, Letter vs. Spirit

Commandment # 6, Killing Me Softly

Commandment # 5, Parental Guidance Suggested

Commandment # 4, Happy Holy Days

Commandment # 3, What's In a Name?

Commandment # 2, A Grave(n) Matter

Commandment # 1, One and Only


Bonus: These articles were written for the Christmas season, 2001 (copyright 2001 by Susan McDonald and Lisa Rumohr)

What If Jesus Said, "I Don't Care"

Seeking the Word


Extra Bonus: Extra articles, copyright 2002 by Susan McDonald and Lisa Rumohr

Rocking the Boat

Keep This In Mind